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Gehrlich Academy

Setting Up Your Account

Client Log In - Re Set Your Password, Access Your Dashboard, Add Your Photo, Logo, Office Information and Social Media Platform Links

Link to Social Media Sites

In this video, team member Beth, talks about how to link the property to all your social media sites and how this helps to market your properties.

All About Flyers

In this video, we talk about how to create flyers, choices of designs, color changing options and more.

Downloading Photos

Unlock the Mystery of ZIP Files. In this video, we talk about downloading photos from the zip file, image sizes, accepting copyright license and other options.

Learn About Site Designs

There are many many options in Site Designs. In this video, we explain the many options for Site Designs offered on our platform.

Unlock the Marketing Toolkit

Easy Consumer Tools, 3D Floor Plans , Adding Attachments, School Maps and Local Information

Marketing An Open House

Learn How To Market or Host an Open House, Learn about the 24/7 Virtual OPEN HOUSE

Add Site Music

How to change the background music. Choose from a nice library of music or opt for no music at all.

Customizing Your Site Designs

Setting up some defaults and how to edit you site designs. Go to your account, update anything about your information that may have changed.

Site Summary Page, Site Traffic

Understanding site traffic, the weekly seller's report, custom tracking links and how they work.

Using a Notification Link

How to create, add and manage notification links.

Lead Capture

The free lead capture system is easy to access from your dashboard. Listen how to capture information on anyone that calls the property information hotline.

What Is Site Data

Once logged into your account, go to the property you want to work on and click on Site Data. Keep this Data updated as needed. If there has been a price change, make sure to update it from here.

Setting up your listing pages

Create a new listing page, active listings, active, pending, sold or all of the above. Market the pages anywhere you want, individually or all together.

Working With Site Media

What it is and how you work with it! Log into your account. Land on your dashboard, select the property you want to work on. Tab to "Site Media"
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